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Management Team

David Macdonald, President

Mr. Macdonald has founded a string of successful high tech startups that have created dozens of bestselling software products. At Vertex, Mr. Macdonald has overseen the development of a number of Web-based software applications, including the popular online driving course sold to Prior to founding Vertex, Mr. Macdonald founded Arion Software, a home productivity software company that created the MasterCook series, the world's best-selling cooking and nutrition software. The MasterCook series featured numerous co-branded bestsellers, including the Betty Crocker, Cooking Light, Jenny Craig, and Graham Kerr digital cookbooks. Arion was sold in 1995 to Sierra On-Line, at the time the world's largest maker of PC game and home software titles. Before founding Arion, Mr. Macdonald co-founded Styleware, which pioneered GUI and integrated software for Apple II computers. Styleware was sold to Claris Corporation, Apple Computer's former software subsidiary. Styleware's final product, AppleWorks GS, was the #1 best-selling software program in early 1989, and the Styleware team went on to create the best-selling integrated software package, ClarisWorks, for Macintosh and Windows (now sold by Apple under the resurrected name AppleWorks). Mr. Macdonald is also founder and president of TeamSys Corporation and co-founder of Synk, Inc.

Chris Poirier, Director of Software Development

Chris Poirier, Director of Software Development for Vertex, has been developing software professionally for two decades. At Vertex he has overseen dozens of projects, including the development of a state-of-the-art content management (CMS) and publishing system, Site Press 3®, the Site Press web part and module architecture for extending the functionality of the CMS, the MDCentraldoctor scheduling service, the SmartReach contact management app and Web portal for iPhone and iPad, the Biophysical distributor and partner assessment generation system, and many enterprise ecommerce, workflow, and legacy database applications for corporate customers.

Prior to working for Vertex, Mr. Poirier was a Senior Developer at Trade One Marketing, where he created an application to synchronize airline profile and rewards data from the SABRE system between a major > US airline and a third party service provider using Web Services in C#. Before his engagement with Trade One, Mr. Poirier spent six years as Lead Database Applications Developer at the Rhode Island Department of Education, developing numerous enterprise applications, including a portal built on top of Sharepoint, a custom common object library for rapid software development, and an automated data transfer agent that synchronized all enrollment and attendance public school data statewide. A high point of Mr. Poirier's career when he was employed as programmer/analyst with the Rhode Island Department of Health. Following the tragic nightclub fire at "The Station," Mr. Poirier was tasked with working with the State Office of the Medical Examiner as well as with Federal Agents from the United States Public Health and Safety, National Disaster Medical Service, and DMORT (Disaster Mortuary Service) to create a database system for managing all data related to the disaster, including digitizing and managing including Death Certificates, Cause of Death Sheets, and Release Forms. He also extracted data for the project from Federal databases and created a database system for the Medical Examiner, helped prepare presentations and attended meetings with members of the Attorney General's Office, the State Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and West Warwick Police, and contributed to conference calls with Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms). For his service to the state and nation in helping to handle this disaster, Mr. Poirier received a Federal commendation as an honorary member of the DMORT team. He was also part of a FEMA task force working on disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Mr. Poirier has also published several works on software development. His publications include co-authorship of Getting Started with Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 (Deitel / Deitel), a companion to C++: How to Program 2e (Deitel / Deitel); Getting Started with Visual J++ 1.1 (Deitel / Deitel), a companion to Java How to Program 2e (Deitel / Deitel); the "Web-Based Development/CGI" chapter in C++ How to Program 4e (Deitel/Deitel); the "DBI/mySQL/MS Access" chapter with examples for both Windows and Red Hat Linux in Perl: How to Program (Deitel/Deitel); the "Perl/CGI" chapter in Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program (Deitel/Deitel), and the "JDBC, RMI, and Servlets" chapter in Java: How to Program 3e (Deitel / Deitel). Mr. Poirier has also given week-long development seminars on C, Perl, and CGI for Lucent Technologies and Telcordia Technologies, taught week-long Java courses for employees of Fidelity Investments, and worked with Computer Learning Centers executives to develop a national computer science curriculum.

Erin Hyatt, Director of Web Development

Erin Hyatt, Director of Web Development for Vertex, graduated from the Art Institute of Houston with an Associate of Applied Science degree in 2003 and worked as a graphic designer and web developer for Nagle Research before joining Vertex in 2007. At Vertex, Ms. Hyatt has worked as Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and finally Director of the Web Development team. While at Vertex, Ms. Hyatt has created dozens of Web designs, illustrations, logos, slideshows, animations, and user interface designs, and helped lead Vertex's early adoption of the new Web standards, including HTML5, CSS 3, media queries, responsive design, and fluid design, which have led to the creation of dozens of responsive Web sites by Vertex in the last four years.